Leo Tattoos

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Leo Tattoos
This leo tattoo glyph is just one example of a Zodiac tattoo that you can get if you are born under this sun sign. You can choose your Leo tattoos from among various representations of Leo. You can choose the mane of a lion, the elemental sign of Leo, which is fire by the way or the ruling planet of leo which just happens to be not a planet at all, but the sun, source of Earth’s heat and light. This leo tattoo actually combines the glyph with the fire element. Now all this person has to do is to put a little sun up above it, to complete the entire theme. No matter what leo tattoo you choose, you need to keep two thing in mind. One, your sign governs your destiny. And two, with your leo tattoo, you also declare that you are bent upon getting results of your actions, and in that regard you always come out as a winner. So, choose a design that not only reflects your personality but also shows your pride in your unique sun sign. And for goodness sake spice it up a bit will you? And may the stars be with you.
Leo Tattoos
This is a good representation of one of the leo tattoos available out there. It is a very well done, and very well detailed. It’s the face of a male lion and looking right at us, as if it means business. Not meaning it is going to attack, but certainly saying you’d better not mess with me, just keep walking. And anybody who doesn’t listen might just be a fool. Either that or a lion slayer. Anyone getting one of these leo tattoos is most likely getting it because Leo is their astrological sign. And in as much as that is true, the meaning behind it is that this person most likely feels very strong and always wants to take charge of any and all situations. I am a Leo so I know these things to be true, but as far as how they relate to this tattoo, that’s just a guess.

One of the strangest things about being a Leo is that even when you do not consider yourself the strongest or toughest, you still try to take charge all of the time and most of the time it works, whether you have any leo tattoos on you or not. For some reason people have a tendency to relinquish controls of things to other people who have the courage to step up and take those controls.

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