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Thursday, October 24, 2013

It seems like lots of women these days are tired of the elderly tramp stamp lower back tattoo. Thus has led a lot of women that are in to tattoos to search for other places to receive a sexy tattoo on their body. Three of the best options these days, is a foot tattoo. There's a ton of great foot tattoo ideas out there & these might help get your own ideas sparked for a chilled, sexy & creative tattoo design.
Flowers - Of coursework flowers are always a great idea when you require something that is delicate & feminine. Floral tattoo designs can work well because of the rich symbolic history that flowers have. Most flowers have some symbolic meaning behind them & the colors play an important part in that symbolism. All of these things together help in making a brightly colored floral tattoo design perfect. The vines & stems of the flower can also be integrated in to the overall design for a free flowing feminine look & feel to the tattoo.

Celtic Tattoo Designs - There's a ton of different Celtic tattoo designs out there. Lots of people fall for the Celtic cross right away because of it is beauty. However, there's also zoomorphic (animal knot work) shapes, spiral & step patterns throughout Celtic artwork & lots of of these designs can be incorporate with an Irish or Celtic saying making for an amazing & often original & unique design.

Sayings - Sayings, writing & poems are currently on of the most popular design trends in tattoos. Lots of people are out getting literary, written tattoo designs. The lure of a great looking font & an insightful saying is often to entice people to receive a saying tattoo. This is easy, often done quickly & something that will generate memories & affirmations forever. It works well if you already have a quote or saying that you are attached to & care about.

Fairies - Fairies always work well on any part of the female body. The ability to pose the fairy & change their posture, mood, & facial expressions leads to an boundless number of possibilities for such a foot tattoo idea.
Tribal - It used to be that tribal designs were all bold, sizable, black line work tattoos. However, these days the tribal tattoo designs of the late 80 & early 90's have warped in to an boundless array of possibilities including lots of feminine, & sexy tribal designs. The lines can be done in a lighter way & not as heavy & the line work itself often is not as angular or bold. It in lieu swirls around the foot in a delicate & stunning way. Sometimes these might even convey a particular animal or object while at the same being an abstract set of line.

Butterflies - Butterflies are a lot like fairies in the lure of flight & the beauty of their wings. They display stunning colors & the rich & deep symbolism behind them making butterflies a definite design to think about. Think of the transformation that a worm goes through to become a butterfly, for lots of people they feel this is symbolic of things they have gone through in their own life.

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