The Australian Body Art Awards

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Few things catch the attention of the public more than the clever, tasteful use of a moving, interacting human canvas displaying your brand message in a memorable way.
At product launches and promotional events, the public are far more likely to photograph themselves alongside an attractive male or female model (painted tastefully in your logo), than next to a billboard or poster.
Clever body painting is one of the top ten “most shared” images on social media. In this era where social media is a key delivery tool for branding, viral sharing of these photos containing your logo (incorporated into an eye-catching piece of body art) provides unparalleled opportunity for extending the customer ‘reach’ of your brand.
In print advertising, the viewer is far more likely to “look twice” at an advertisement where a clever optical illusion is used, created via high quality body art.
At live product launches, the ability for your ‘artwork’ (be it a painted celebrity, sports person or spokesmodel) to be interviewed and further push the brand message is even more valuable.

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