Celtic Cross Tattoo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Celtic Cross Tattoo
The art of the celtic cross tattoo dates back thousands of years when the early Celts showed an amazing talent for metal working and craftsmanship of all kinds. The celtic cross tattoo is usually made up of several of what are called celtic knots, which are never-ending loops and circles which are meant to symbolize the cycles of reincarnation and death. The never-ending loops and circles also stood for the physical as well as the spiritual and represented the permanence of love, life and very often faith.

The typical theory of people from North America is that they will wear a celtic cross tattoo as a way of remembering their descent, but I say that for the most part that is probably not true. Most people who get a tattoo are younger people and they do it because they like the way the tattoo looks and not for anything having to do with their lineage. Maybe when they get older they will claim that, but when they were young and got the celtic cross tattoo, I think they were simply being impulsive, with no hidden meaning what so ever. There are lots of very cool designs of Celtic Crosses out there so shop carefully before choosing yours.

Celtic Cross Tattoo
This tattoo almost has a tribal feeling with the geometic designs they used, look at the patterns repeat themselves until you have a very complex design. I like the feeling this celtic cross tattoo presents when you look at it. I like the spiral effects the design gives off when viewed up close. You will notice on this celtic cross tattoo it has a some what religious feeling about it. The cross and the jewels remind me of a crown symbol of sorts. If you notice the weaving of the curls it makes this celtic cross tattoo look like it is for the common man and not of royalty. I believe this style of celtic goes back to the 8th or 9th century when celtic designs were used very often through out most of old europe.

I have a celtic cross tattoo on the back of my right leg. I have always felt anything celtic gave off the feeling of love and admiration to another. I like this tattoo a lot, probably better than the one I have on my leg. I might have to do another on my other leg and try to use some of this design to better it this time around.

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