Basketball Tattoos

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Basketball Tattoos
Sport tattoos have always enjoyed a certain amount of popularity. Whether the sport is baseball, hockey or soccer fans have always wanted to represent the game they love so much. And the styles and options available to the common sports fan are almost unlimited. Take this basketball tattoo for instance. The bearer has decided to represent the sport by having a basketball and hoop design inked into his skin. A nice touch to this basketball tattoo is the the slogan "NBA” imprinted on the ball. I like the design but I think that it could use a little splash of color. I would have at least had the ball shaded a nice bright orange or brown. Other basketball tattoos that could have been done include the portraits of individual ball players, specific team names and I have even seen a large tattoo of a basketball court. So, if your a fan of the sport then you might want to dream up a unique basketball tattoo of your own. Then you can proudly represent the game that you love and let every one know that you are a die hard fan. Imagine yourself going to your next game and showing off that beautiful basketball tattoo.
Basketball Tattoos
If your a sports fan you know how important it is support your favorite team. And it’s even more important for you to support the game itself. Whether it’s baseball, hockey or football that your a fan of then a well placed tattoo can show your loyalty to the sport. Take the basketball tattoo in the picture. It’s a wonderful design of a star with a basketball in the center of it. It’s well designed and shows that the bearer is a true fan of the sport. But, what really impresses me is the coloring of the basketball. Very genuine and it makes it look even more like a basketball. The bearer of this basketball tattoo can also add other elements to this design to make it pop even more. They could consider adding a basketball hoop, the name of their favorite team or even the numbers of their favorite ball players jersey. The options here are only limited by one’s own imagination. So, if your a fan of basketball and want to show your dedication to the game then you might want to consider getting a basketball tattoo. It’s something that can be worked into most tattoo design motifs.

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