Lil Wayne Tattoos

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lil Wayne Tattoos
Lil Wayne’s tattoos have always been a topic of great debate among his many fans, he has so many of them that it would be very difficult to describe them all in the space here. Since this is the case I am going to focus on the most obvious ones, the ones which are found on his face and mouth. One of his most controversial tattoos are the teardrops underneath his eyes. Now, in prison, teardrops usually mean that you have murdered someone. But, I think there is a different reason for this Lil Wayne tattoo. I think they represent three of his close friends who have died. Since he has two tear drops below one of his eyes and one tear below the other eye they probably relate to two separate instances when his loved ones died. Other Lil Wayne tattoos on his face include designs which are placed on his eye lids which together read "Fear God". He also has a letter "C" tattooed right in between his eyebrows, some people say that it stands for Carter which is his last name, right above that "C" there is a cross that indicates that he believes in God.

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