Japanese Tattoo Lettering

Thursday, January 23, 2014 Placing / drawing letters in the body as a tattoo is not something new .
The name of a loved one , the name itself , it can be used as an ornamental body tattoos .
But what if the tattoo is stuck in the wrong body mean ?
In recent years , the Japanese writing kanji character tattoo be a trend among people who are very difficult to understand the meaning. But tattoos are sure you understand that you use ?
Most people do surgery and other things to remove the tattoo that was wrong kanji writing .
1 . multiple Meanings Yep , kanji can have several meanings in the same letter . Most Japanese kanji has multiple meanings ( up to 20 or more ) . If you choose a kanji with a clear sense sometimes contain a different purpose in the community , and of course this is very embarrassing . As the following example : 安= peace = A female character in the movie Transporter 3 using this tattoo on the back of his neck . But this is precisely the character tattoo mean cheap (安い) . 変= mystery = Media mentions the artist Britney Spears has a tattoo of this character , it is generally pronounced " weird " in which the starch has always had a negative connotation . . Phrases In Kanji Another error in the use of kanji is hurf you use two kanji and put together to form a phrase . This is of course very confusing , here 's an example : 西 原= wild west / wild west = Letter kanji can mean " west wilderness " / wilderness in the west . However ,西 原generally spoken by the people of Japan for the name , Nishihara . This is tantamount to tattoo using the name " Smith " or " Wilson " . 空 漠= desert sky / sky desert = vague / unclear 冷笑= happy = evil laugh 力 頼= confidence = strength dependence (力頼み) 気 忙= life adventures = fussy (気忙しい) One combines the kanji word , can lead to a very different meaning . . The Kanji writing No Neat It took many years for someone to write in kanji . Even people who have advanced too , writing kanji writing looks are like children . Should be written with kanji stroke order specified so as not to seem strange . Tattoo Kanji poorly designed to leave the impression that they were made by a small child who is learning Japanese .
4 . Character Without Meaning Tattoo Kanji sometimes has an error that makes them truly unreadable and has no meaning .
5 . Character error Many Japanese letter characters are very similar to each other . Say you want to write kanji characters in a tree tattoo design you are -木. It is easy to draw something that looks the same as the kanji form is,ホin katakana . The katakana charactersホnot have its own meaning - except as a language of Japanese subculture . Katakana isホpronounced " ho " . So do not let you make mistakes like this .
6 . Mirror Image It is a common mistake to design a kanji tattoos as a mirror image of the original Japanese character . And the reverse is also very common character . . Technically True , But Wrong In many cases , the English language seems almost grammatically correct , but still wrong . Similarly Tatoto Kanji - even when they are technically correct they may look strange to native Japanese .
Then How Should To Get Tattoo Japanese Kanji ? 
 Language has many shades .
If you want to and it's important manganggap kanji tattoo , you should ask for advice from a native Japanese speaker who you believe . Show them and make sure the character design looks professional . Ask what the meaning of words in different contexts .

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