Cool Tattoo Designs For Women and Meaning

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Now that 's a lot of tattoos not only men but women also wear tattoos because tattoos are current image and fashion art .
 1 . Fairy or angel : Tattoo of a fairy and angel tattoo is a favorite of young Indian women . Angel tattoo has a spiritual meaning , as we know angels are messengers of God . With angel tattoo a person feel more secure and protected .
 2 . Letters and numbers : When you do not like the picture , some people choose numbers or letters as tattoos . The letters then assembled into words , usually spoken Chinese or Greek letters , also French . The women today love to make tattoos song lyrics, names , or historic date in their bodies .
 3 . Butterfly : Butterfly tattoo on a woman's body has a deep meaning . Usually women who get tattoos of butterflies have a free spirit . Women with butterfly tattoo also usually creative , patient , intelligent , like nature , and very friendly .
 4 . interest : Many women make flower tattoos on his body. Most of these tattoos are made in the wrist or on foot.Women tattoos of flowers are generally confident, feminine , attractive , and romantic.
 5 . unique symbol : For women who have unique personalities , they usually choose a tattoo that is not unusual . For example a symbol Swastika , Viking , or a letter from the Egyptian hieroglyphs . Well , women who work in creative fields such as writers and photographers usually like tattoos like this .



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