Tattooed Women are Very Attractive and Vulgar

Saturday, January 25, 2014 tattoo body art tattooing a symbol or image that is painted in the body . Not only Adam , the weather was now getting interested in tattoos . Similarly, women in Indonesia . From the ordinary to the many female celebrities who have tattoos .
Tattoos are attached to their bodies could be not just a mere art painting . More than that is usually attached to the tattoos that Eve has a deep meaning or significance .
As with men , women also turned out to have a favorite position to paint tattoos on his body . There are at least seven points that serve women as a favorite place to paint tattoos . What is it? Ranging from the ordinary to the area sentisitif and following his review . . wrist This section is part of the pain is mild compared to most other parts of the body . Wound healing tattoos on this section also counted quickly . Tattoos writing or drawing is a form of tattoo engraving is the most preferred for the section near the pulse . . arm in It actually point favorite male body . However , now not a few women who tattooed his body in this position . Part of the arm is also a part that is not too sick to be tattooed . You can choose a meaningful sentence for a series of tattooed in this section , or a face dear ones in black and white .
3 . shoulders back Placing a tattoo on the back of the body that feels sexy for women . Well , for a tattoo with a picture or a string of words small , rear shoulder is the perfect spot . It is more painful than the previous 3 parts , and makes you have to be alert to the position before the wound bed is dry, but the tattoos on this area are really worth having . back Both upper and lower back , is always a favorite part of a woman as a place for great pictures full of meaning . Shape of the wing is the most common tattoo in this section , but if you want you can draw a large dragon that flicker here or clouds .
5 . Tattoos Around Navel Tattoo on the navel area is a sensitive area . Navel tattoo is very cool when a woman wearing a mini . Let's say at the beach . Artistic value that should be appreciated . . Tattoos on Breast One of the reasons the womenfolk do tattoos around the breast is for sensation . There are many more reasons why it should be in the breast , such as add to the excitement , making increased self-confidence , as well as art . It's just that you need to consider that when the breast tattoo , pick one that really skilled in painting tattoos . When malpractice , the risk is very large .
7 . Tattoo in Area Vagina Tattoos on this point is the most sensitive . Even so , no doubt , the vagina area is a favorite spot women . Sensation want to try something new is the trigger of a woman dared to do so . Some people say that the paint tattoos in the vaginal area he can add to the excitement of her partner . But the truth is still false data about it . In essence , paint tattoos in the vaginal area should be very careful consideration . Do any bandwagon . Thus the 7 position tattoos favored by women . There is no restriction for you to put a tattoo anywhere on your body .
Even so , do not also make any tattoos here and there. Because there are women who regret a little bit in the future because it already has a tattoo . If you really want to put a tattoo , let alone the type of tattoo that can fade some time later , safer course .



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